WIN HRM PAYROLL - HRM and Payroll Software

Jayam Solutions HRM Payroll Software is software product that engages human resource of a firm optimally by managing mundane, routine administrative work. Jayam Solutions HRM Payroll Software tool can completely restructure and automate the process of payment disbursement to employees by making the task of payroll processing simple and convenient in the most effective way.

As Jayam Solutions HRM ERP Software is cloud based, we call it Cloud HRM Software. To address the issues and shortcomings faced by HRMS, Jayam Solutions HRM and Payroll Software has moved to cloud completely to enhance the experience of the end-users, keep the data secured and reduce costs.

Our Cloud HRM Software systems offers fully integrated functionality that enables HR and payroll departments to process, access, operate and manage ancillary functions along with reporting organizational information and employee’s information to help management team to access a clear view on organization’s resources.

Whether you are looking to automate a manual process or replace vendors, Jayam Solutions Payroll Software is there to offer you the solution that will best fit your organizational needs.

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