Fixed Assets Management Software

Jayam Solutions Enterprise Asset Management Software enables you to manage capital expenditures better maximizing your return on assets. Assets include plant and equipment, buildings, handling equipment, furniture, computers, vehicles, etc. It can control, track, and record every change that occurs during an asset's lifetime. It can maintain asset status, location, and history for audit trail purposes. It has features to process forecast depreciation, lease accounting, asset tracking/physical auditing and capital expenditure control.

Our Fixed Asset Tracking Software allows you to easily track assets and calculate your clients' depreciation automatically. It has the ability to track asset purchases and sales throughout the year. Different built-in algorithms are there to calculate depreciation and track an unlimited number of fixed assets quickly.

Our Fixed Asset Management Software has the feature to split an asset and account it separately. You can change information for multiple assets simultaneously. Data can be transferred to the tax system and automatically calculate tax amounts. It has the ability to maintain track and record assets data of multi-company, in hierarchies, identifying parent/child relations and dependencies.

We are one of the leading Fixed Asset Management Software providers in India. Be it a SME, MSME or a large enterprise it is always good to know whether their machinery and equipment, computers, vehicles are in good working condition or not. Our software product can be used to keep a watch throughout the life cycle of an asset so that effective preventive maintenance, breakdown repairs, warranties, maintenance contracts is done. For effective cost management and usage of capital, an effective Asset Management System is essential.

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