Bill Discounting Software

Bills discounting software involves cashing bills of exchange before the maturity date by any bank or financial institute for an amount that is less than the face value. It provides greater control over withdrawals with information about the date of bill maturity, eliminating the need to maintain large unutilized ideal cash balance.

Jayam Solutions bill discounting solutions monitors the financial instrument used to provide working capital to small and medium enterprises from invoices raised. Our bill discounting software maintains the funder advances a sales bill from a business before it is due, charging a fee for the early payment.

The main features Of Bill Discounting software is it has centralized and controlled master set-up for quick-to-market schemes. It has the capability for queue management, deviation handling, identity management, and user access rights control. It can incorporate workflow for multi-stage approval and deviation processes.

There are many advantages of bill discounting; mainly it is a boon for small business. It provides a material improvement in the businesses cash position. It improves cash flow and working capital. Here borrower only pays on the amount of money used, unlike a business loan. This can be helpful to startups. The risk of bad debt or nonpayment can be passed on to the financier.

We are one of the most preferred Bill Discounting Companies in India providing Bill Discounting Software that helps businesses gain quick access to collateral-free working capital in 24-72 hours while providing investors with an opportunity to earn high returns with low risk through a unique short-term investment.

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