It is well-known fact that the requirements in any software product never end. FIMO is not exemption from that. Customers always require additional features. The following are the updates done continuously in FIMO, as per the needs and the necessities of our clients.These were also updated in our later assignments with other clients, wherever the client required.

User permission levels were first given, only to modules. Now we updated it and provided the permission level to each and every form.
At first there was no any delinquency trapping process. Now we provide a ' Log File' , which captures mismatching entries. This Log File captures explanation of the entry and user name.
FIMO is supporting ' Flat' & ' Decline ' interest calculating methods up to now. ' Floating ' type of interest is added them. FIMO now supports these three types of interest calculating methods.
Member information recording process is updated. Users can capture the photo of the member while recording the primary information of the member during member enrollment.
Reports are updated from the very Text reports to Venn diagrams and pie diagrams. FIMO provides both types of reports presently as per the type of report required.
At first we provided reports only in 'Crystal Reports'. Now we also provide 'Data Reports' and the 'Text Reports' as per the requirement.
We updated the system of repayment collections. Hand held devices supporting by FIMO greatly minimizes the burden on collection officers. Apart, it is a matter of minutes to record the repayment amounts of all the members.
Warehousing concepts are introduced to secure the yearly data. FIMO now supports the year-end process. This is done at the end of every financial year. The entire data, which is recorded in that year, will be kept in safe side.
The process of generating data directly from the database is enhanced. This enables fast accessing of the data how huge it may be.
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