The invention of computers and raise of Information Technology as industry has created a new concept of software development where many processes can be automated and human errors can be reduced. Many pains taking hours in Financial computing has been reduced to a mere click of mouse. Now Software development is almost an important ingredient of any successful industry. Software Development has made the world an easy place to work and increased efficiency very much. Lately Software Development has transformed the world businesses and its capability.

Jayam understand the basic evolution and need of software and has developed software that are simple to use and user-friendly. Jayam innovation in creating a great software product has made software development a very easier task. Jayam till now has developed software for Finance solutions, Account, Weigh-bridge and telecom sectors. All the software development projects come with full help and user training.

Technologies used:
Microsoft Technologies: B.NET,ASP.NET,C#,WCF,MVC
Java Technologies: J2EE, JavaScript, Ajax, J2ME, JQuery, JMS, SOAP technology
Open Source: PHP, Framework (Cake / Zend), My SQL
Data Base: MS SQL Server ,Oracle and SQL Light
Mobile Application: Android and Windows
Web Server : Apache, Microsoft IIS
Design for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Adopting AGILE (SCRUM)Development Methodology
Telecom: Postpaid, Prepaid, Interconnect & Roaming
Latest: Cloud, Smart Grid, Business Intelligence


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