About Fimo
FIMO is initially developed for Grameen Methodology and SHG models of micro finance. FIMO has total eight modules to provide complete office automation. FIMO has an integrated accounting package built on CGAP's guidelines on accounting principles. FIMO provides critical input to MIS operations for greater monitoring and control, and facilitates faster and effective decision-making. FIMO is successfully implemented in different organizations. FIMO has become more useful and adoptable product for Micro finance sector. FIMO is suitable and sustainable for further features adoptability. FIIMO is suitable for MACS and NBFCs.
General Features of FIMO
Easy to install
User-Friendly environment
Topic wise coverage of the operations
User defined business rules
Suitable to specify the user access levels
Monitoring of the data entry
Systematic tracking of the transactions
Integrated design of all the topics, which helps in minimizing the data entry work greatly.
Organized and Comprehensive reports
Capacity to handle huge data with fast retrieving capacity
Accurate Information
Contains a complete Help, which explains how to use the project.
Security Features of FIMO
Security is one of very important parts of any financial software. FIMO forbids unauthorized users of the project. Also, limiting the authorized users to operate only the permitted levels of the project is one of the important security features of FIMO that provides the management a control on the project. Coming to the complete features.
Usernames and Passwords can be created to use this project
Management can specify the permission levels for various users. It means users can be restricted to operate only the permitted modules of the project.
Users can change their passwords and maintain their own passwords. They can change them frequently, which is also a right procedure in case of security issues.
Chance to temporarily or permanently In-Active any running user, in case of long leaves etc. This enables to restrict the misuse of those Usernames.
FIMO forces the users to enter the transaction date while start using the project everyday.
FIMO allows recording the transactions only if as on date. Old or future records are not recorded. In case of necessary, users can record those transactions with the permission of the branch managers or supervisors, which are given 'Admin' powers.
FIMO keeps a log of every transaction for verification of errors or investigation. Mismatching entries are captured under this system. Information of the entry and the username are captured.
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