General System Features


General System Features

Minimum Requirements: 32MB computer with 800 x 600 resolution. A4 size printer.
Runs on Window 95/98/NT and Windows 2003 and later versions
Standalone or Multi-User, File Server program
Available in English, Telugu presently. Likely to be available in Hindi and in all South- Indian languages
No multi-currency
Supports individual lending as well as group lending with either tracking of group loans at group level or at group member level. The same with regards to deposits.
Supports Cheques
User defined business rules
Permission levels can be specified to the various users of this project. Username and Password can be provided for various users, to open the project.
Interest days for deposits and loans can be set between 360 and 365 days per year.
FIMO provides nearly 160 types of reports, which can be run with a variety of criteria.
All reports show the name and address of the organization and the branch as the header.
The common utilities for the system users such as Notepad, & Calculator are provided. Calculator is also provided in some forms, which facilitates the user to perform the necessary calculations while running the project.
Back up facility is provided to save the data as on date. If necessary, saved data can be restored.
FIMO is provided with a complete help manual, which comes with the project.

Maximum capacity: 10 billion loans per branch
Maximum Loan amount: Rs. 99,99,99,99,99,999.000/- approx. per branch
Maximum Principal amount per installment: 10 billion
Maximum interest amount per installment: 1 billion
Maximum Loan Products: 99
Loan process can be started with recording the Loan Applications. Loan Sanctions, & Loan Disbursement can be recorded in continuation.
Loan Application fee, Processing fee etc can be recorded.
Deduction of Security Deposits and Insurance amounts at the time of disbursement is supported.
Disbursement done in any mode, such as Cash or Cheque. can be recorded.
Supported installment periods: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Half Monthly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Yearly.
Interest can be calculated on Flat rate, & Decline rate
Recording of the Installment Repayment can be done only for the successive installment.
Order of recovery is provided for the partial payments.
Users can edit or delete, only the last recorded repayment. It is not possible to edit or delete the old repayment records.
If the repayment is not done for any of the installment, users should at least enter '0' for that installment. That demand amount will be shown in out standing.

FIMO supports Voluntary savings and Compulsory savings
Utilizing the savings process is at the decision of the client organization. There will be no any internal effects, if the savings process is not used.
Savings amount can be specified common to the entire group or different amount to each member.
Saving amount can be specified; a fixed amount to every member or it can be decided as per the loan product.
Facilitated/Compulsory savings is the concept where it is just like a condition by the organization to provide loans. Members should maintain some specific amount of savings in their account, to get loan from the organization. The amount is fixed as per the loan product or a fixed savings amount can be specified for every member.
If the organization uses facilitated/compulsory savings concept, FIMO checks the condition at the time of loan disbursement. The loan amount is only then recorded for disbursement, if the savings balance of the particular member is as per the specified level.
Savings amount can be paid to the organization or members can save the amount in their group accounts. Users can record those Bank account numbers.
Users can specify the minimum and maximum savings withdrawal limits.
Compulsory balance amount in the savings accounts can be specified.
It is the choice of the organization weather to provide or not, the interest on savings.


Accounts module that comes with FIMO, works as a General Ledger.
Ledger is divided into five main Account Heads: Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, & Expense.
Group Heads and the Sub Heads can be created by the users as per the requirement
The Group Head and the Sub Head names that comes default with the software are not allowed to edit or delete.
The transactions done in the project will be automatically tracked in the accounts module.
The Cashbook is updated automatically with the every transaction recorded by the user.
Users can record Receipts and Vouchers and can view the old records as per the date.
Cash and Bank accounts are tallied separately.
Produces General Ledger, General Journal, Trial Balance, Balance sheet and other reports.
The items of the Progress Reports and Progress Openings are default, which come with FIMO. But it can be changeable as per the requirements of the clients.

FIMO supports Insurance either as a condition with Loan or without any conditions.
FIMO supports any kind of Insurance policy
FIMO supports any kind of Insurance policy
Insurance concept can be further modified as per the requirements of the client organizations.

Outstanding report will be generated for the default days old periods, provided by FIMO. Also, users can specify their own days old periods and get the outstanding status accordingly.
Items given in Portfolio reports, Employee performance reports, Progress reports etc will come default with FIMO. Users cannot change them. However, we can modify them as per the requirement of the clients.

Most of the HRM module is unrelated to the other parts of the project
Only the employee names, which are related to the field operations are captured and utilized in the project
Group Heads and the Sub Heads can be created by the users as per the requirement
The Loans and Advances given to the employees can be recorded in HRM module, but they are totally not related with the general loan system of the member.
Type of Loans to be given to the employees is at the choice of the organization. FIMO allows the users to define various Loan types.
FIMO supports various pays for the basic salary of the employees, for eg: HRA, TA, DA etc. Users can specify any values for these and utilize this system or at least they should enter '0' if they do not want to utilize the system
Incentives given to the employees can be directly added to the pay-slips of the employees if required by the organization.
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