Being a software innovator and having rich experience in software development, Jayam understands the lack of quality professionals and thus started the Consulting in 2003 to train, support and promote quality professionals for IT industry. Jayam has good track record of resource consulting to IT majors is fields of VB, SQL Server, Testing and ERP areas.

Jayam has placed 100% of its trained candidates into major IT companies. This unique record is due to the best practices employed during training such as intensive selection, grooming and training from basics. All the trainees will have a 3 months basic training that includes personality development as well. Once thee candidate qualifies through a series of analytical and technical tests, the candidate is then trained is his/her chosen field. Hands-on experience is a must and whole process takes about 6 months which makes the candidate a true professional. Jayam has since placed about 100 candidates in various IT companies such as Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, IBM etc
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