It is a well-known fact that the functionality of any software product cannot be successful 100%. FIMO is not exemption from that. The following are the bugs faced by our clients in their daily operations and which we have also cleared them in our later  assignments with other clients.

In Bank Information form the e-mail ID is not necessary to record. But the new record is not accepted with the option empty. The problem was rectified.
To specify the relation name, house type, Caste name, Social Status name etc first we had provided a default list with the software, for those options. Users can select the required name. But the users do not find relevant names sometimes. Now we have provided separate forms to create the names for those categories. Users can create their own list and the list created in those forms will reflect all over the project.
When a loan recorded for disbursement, the repayment calculation starts from the very date. In some organizations they use to record disbursement on any date. And the repayment is calculated for the transaction dates of the groups. In such cases even if there was no gap for the disbursement and next coming transaction date, the demand is generated for the first installment, for those groups. We rectified this problem. Provided 'Moratorium' for that purpose.
Backup/Restore process was not functioned properly due to technical problems. Now it was rectified. User can take the back up of the database regularly and can restore the saved database if necessary.
For the Member Information report the information of both the 'Active' and 'In-Active' members is generated even if the users select any one from 'Active' & 'In-Active'. The problem was rectified.
To edit the repayment records we provide 'Edit Repayment'. It should only edit last recorded repayment record. But the previous records also edited which brought some confusion. The problem was rectified.
The validation of a loan disbursement did not check the compulsory savings. The loan amount should not exceed the number of times of the limit specified to the savings amount, by the organization. The problem was rectified.
There was a problem to export the information of the crystal reports to excel sheets. We have rectified that problem. Report can be generated directly in excel sheets now.
For 'General Ledger' report same data was generated for 'consolidate' & 'Detailed'. The problem was rectified.
Reports in our hand held computers were too long. We rectified that problem. Short reports with complete information are possible now.
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